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Shipping Policy

Please carefully review our Shipping & Delivery Policy when purchasing our products. This policy will apply to any order you place with us.


Electron is a website operated by Electron Electric Motors and this SHIPPING POLICY contains the details of the methods involved in Delivery. The periods and the charges that are applied to the orders for the products made through our website

The policy does not create the legally enforceable rights and the obligations in fact it merely indicates the usual practices involved in the relation to the delivery of the products.


Shipping Fees will be free of cost until further notice. We may use third party shipping service.

  • Guaranteed delivery options are available on purchased products.

  • Orders must be placed within the time slot provided by the company.
    The delivery date may be changed due to changes in production capacity, supply chain capacity, inventory, or delivery capacity.

  • The shipping period currently offered by the company is three months subjected production capacity. The company holds the right delay deliveries when needed. The shipping period will be updated over time to time.


Electron is currently operating in from Hyderabad and NCR region in India.

SERVICE inside or outside of operational region is conditional, although we are expanding and changing our shipping policy to cover greater area at best interest of our customers.

We do not offer International shipping.

Our policies constantly update. We advice you read latest policies before making a purchase. 

If delivery is delayed for any reason we will let you know as soon as possible and will advise you of a revised estimated date for delivery.

If you have any further questions or comments, you may contact us by

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