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Please fill in your details to apply for a refund. Refund generally takes two weeks. It may take longer due to large incoming applications. Please wait patiently. We promise your booking money will be refunded. In some cases, It may just take some additional time to process it. 

For more information on refunds please read more on the refund process and its detail below the application form.

Refund application: Contact Us

1. Why are you asking for UPI ID?
UPI ID is required we can't refund into your bank account automatically as an Account to Account Refund can only be processed within six months from the date payment was Initiated. 

2. Why are you initiating a refund?
This is because we are not able to deliver your scooter on time, we would like first initiate a refund. Our R&D process and required investment are taking more time than we expected. 

3. Why will it take time to process the refund?
This is because the refund will be done manually as the automated refund is only possible before six months.

4. Why are you asking for email, mobile number, and address?
This is because we need to verify the applicant's details to ensure the authenticity of the applicant. 

5. More FAQs will add as and when needed.

Refund application: About Us
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